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Best Zapier Alternatives

Zapier is an extremely useful service that enables you to connect apps and automate your workflow. This not only saves time, but ensures that all aspects of your business are consistently organized, helping you to achieve your goals.

However, Zapier isn’t for everyone. So in this article, we look at 12 Zapier alternatives that provide a similar high-quality experience. We will consider the top features of each solution and give you a good insight into what each ‘alternative’ offers. By the end of reading, it should be clear which of these Zapier alternatives is a best fit for your business needs.

1. Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is the cheapest yet versatile iPaaS software which allows you to connect more than 1000 Apps with each other via APIs & Webhooks. With it, users can create & handle unlimited automated workflows for integrating multiple apps without needing any coding knowledge. In these custom & cross-functional internal workflows, you can add various triggers, actions, filters, and schedulers using its simple drag-and-drop interface. Just like Zapier, it also allows you to attach as many actions to a single trigger as you want. But, it is much cheaper than Zapier. Hence, it suits the user’s professional & personal needs perfectly.

So, let’s check out Pabbly Connect’s top features….

  • Advanced-Data Transformation – Handles the entire needs of data transformation like custom logics, data mapping, API connectivity, etc.
  • Unlimited Complex Workflows – Create complex and specific workflows that include conditional triggers, in-sequence processing, etc. without adding a single line of code.
  • Unlimited Formatters – Helps you to convert the numbers, dates, text, currency, and more into your format.
  • Limitless Path Routers – Split the actions into multiple paths for a single trigger and apply several operations, add filters, redirect data to different streams based on various conditions.
  • Connect Everything – Easily connect databases, remote calls, social media, documents like CSV, dropbox, WordPress, Excel, and many more. Further, it supports multiple data formats such as XML, JSON, HTML, FormData, and others

Pabbly Connect is the only marketing automation tool that automates all your workflows without any restrictions on calls, premium features & app integration even in its free, basic, or advanced plans. Hence, this cheapest alternative to Zapier suits businesses of all sizes.

2. Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow helps you to automate time-consuming tasks whatever your industry, business or career. You can connect your favorite apps and services, receive notifications of actions as they occur, sync files, collect data, and more.

So what helps Microsoft Flow stand out from the crowd…

  • Templates – Microsoft Flow provides numerous templates to select from, helping you quickly improve your workflow. Choose from templates for email, productivity, social media, and data collection, to name a few.
  • Custom Workflows – Create your own multi-step flows across several apps to cater for specific projects.
  • Knowledge Base – Microsoft Flow provides an extensive knowledge base, with dedicated sections for beginners, intermediates, experts, and more. Useful how-to articles will not only help you get started, but importantly, teach you how to get the most out of this automation tool.

Microsoft Flow is simple and easy to use, with its extensive number of templates making it a great solution for all.

3. Workato

Workato is a powerful and versatile platform that can automate work across your organization. The solutions automated workflows (called Recipes) connect apps and complete tasks, which can be initiated based on a range of triggers set by you.

Let’s take a look at Workato’s best bits…

  • Recipes – Choose from over 225,000+ recipes to help you automate complex workflows.
  • 400+ Apps – You can connect over 400+ enterprise apps via Workato, with more apps are being added all the time.
  • Developer Extensibility – The Workato SDK provides the ability to customize or build new connector extensions for any API enabled app.

Workato is used by numerous global companies, including Visa, Slack, and Levi’s. So if you are looking for a superior tool to improve efficiency within your organization, then Workato might be for you.

4. PieSync

PieSync integrates and connects your cloud apps, ensuring that customer data is synced and across all applications. This will help give you a 360-degree vision of your customers, providing you with insights that you can use to inform marketing strategies, sales, customer care, and much more.

So, let’s check out PieSync’s top features…

  • Two-Way Sync – Once set up, PieSync will sync your data across all of your cloud apps in real-time.
  • Apps – PieSync already supports 140+ apps and adds a new one every week.
  • Security – Data is encrypted, and advanced authorization methods like Oauth are used, to ensure all customer info is safe and secure.

Pie Sync offers syncing solutions for businesses of all sizes, so will support your business as it grows.

5. Built.io Flow

Built.io Flow is an intelligent iPaaS that will help increase your organization’s productivity. This solution can help you connect any microservice, device, or platform with an API. And you can automate tasks and processes in all areas of your business, including finance, marketing, HR, and operations, to name a few.

Here are Built.io Flow’s best features…

  • Intuitive Interface – Built uses a visual drag-and-drop interface, helping you successfully design, assemble, and run workflows.
  • Popular Flows – Access a range of popular workflows, which you can quickly implement and then use.
  • Security – To guarantee data protection Built uses a range of security features including encryption, access controls, two-factor authentication, limited login attempts, and much more.

Built software is trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world, including NBA, Vonage, and Astute.

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