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How To Create Swap Space on Ubuntu 20.04 & 18.04

If your server ever runs out of physical memory during heavy load, some critical services such as MySQL can crash (as I discovered the...

How to debug PHP with Xdebug and VsCode

When you decide to develop web applications, you must take care of a few things for producing a smooth end product. A good developer...

How to Set up and Configure WordPress to Use SMTP For...

Once you have a wordpress site installed, most of the times the mail notification do not arrive to mail recipients. it is because the...

Set up Letsencrypt/Certbot with Nginx web server with webroot

The default certbot certonly –standalone is quite useful for a quick start to run a standalone server and get the SSL certificate. But nowadays...

Free Fashion WordPress Themes 2020

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, designer, or store, you’ll need a strong online presence. A beautiful website can help you showcase your work and...