I’ll guide you through the process of crafting an estimation form using ZIGAFORM. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Choosing Your Template:
    When starting a new form, you have the option to select a template. However, for this demonstration, I’ll build it from scratch.
  2. Adding Basic Elements:
    Begin by adding essential elements like a heading and text boxes for common fields like full name and comments.
  3. Customizing Fields:
    You can tailor each field to your specific needs. For instance, I’m adding checkboxes for products and services.
  4. Incorporating Calculations:
    ZIGAFORM offers default calculation options, like simple addition. I’ll demonstrate this before diving into more complex math calculations.
  5. Enhancing User Experience:
    To make your form visually appealing, consider adding images alongside text inputs, creating a more engaging interface.
  6. Configuring Email Notifications:
    Ensure that your form sends notifications to the appropriate recipients by configuring email settings and including necessary fields like the customer’s email address.
  7. Success Messages and Redirection:
    After submission, users should receive confirmation. You can set up success messages or redirect them to a designated page.
  8. Customizing Invoices:
    For business purposes, customize invoices to include relevant information. ZIGAFORM provides options for personalization.
  9. Global Settings:
    Adjust global settings to control aspects like scrolling behavior, currency format, and enabling features like reCAPTCHA for added security.
  10. Preview and Testing:
    Before publishing your form, always preview and test it extensively to ensure everything functions as intended.
  11. Integration with WordPress:
    If you’re using WordPress, ZIGAFORM seamlessly integrates, allowing you to embed forms directly into your website’s pages or posts.
  12. Next Steps:
    In the next video, I’ll demonstrate how to implement custom math calculations for more intricate estimation processes.

That concludes our walkthrough of creating estimation forms with ZIGAFORM.

More info at https://zigaform.com