The importance of video content is growing with time. The users prefer to watch a video to learn something new than reading it.

If you look at all big sites, the gurus, the pro marketers, everyone is talking about creating engaging video content. And it is important to keep evolving with time if you wish to survive for long.

Now, when it comes to video content the top sources are YouTube and Facebook. Most of the time we watch videos on these two sites.

In fact, YouTube has become of the top sources to make a good amount of money with your videos. Like we used to create blogs posts to make money, now people create videos to make money and this trend will grow further with time.

Facebook has also stared the revenue sharing model with the video producers. So, if you can create engaging videos regularly, you make a good amount of money.

When we talk about YouTube and Facebook videos, they are mostly the viral kind of videos that we watch for entertainment.

However, we need to look at the educational videos as well. What about a person who is looking for a video to learn how to create a blog. There is a huge population of video viewers who are looking for videos to learn new skills.

In this post, we have listed the best video Player WordPress plugins that you can use to create a video site using the WordPress platform.

1. Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

A complete solution to create a video site, this plugin will help you to play mp4, mp3 files to create your own video and audio streaming site quickly.

The plugin comes with a fully responsive design so that your users are able to enjoy your videos from any device.

The plugin gives you the option to choose from multiple video quality options depending on your requirement. You can easily add your subtitles for making it understandable for every user, you can also manage to play speed depending on the video requirement.

The plugin gives you a number of different settings and adjustment so that you can fine-tune your video before uploading it onto your system.

Create your own playlist depending on different categories to make it easier for the users to browse to your videos quickly.

You have complete control as far as the look and feel is concerned, you can easily upload an adjustable thumbnail for your videos. You can choose to run your videos from your own server you can you upload it on YouTube on Vimeo.

Video Player Plugin

2. YouTube Plugin

If you wish to display youtube videos on your WordPress site this is a plugin you need. One of the most comprehensive video players for WordPress, the YouTube plugin will give you complete control over your video site.

The plugin comes with tons of settings and options so that you can completely fine-tune the overall design of your video site.

Using this plugin you can showcase the top YouTube videos on your WordPress site and you have the option to arrange them according to your requirement.

You can create your own gallery and categorize them as per your need. You have over 100 different parameters so that you are able to get the perfect design for your site.

This plugin is GDPR or compliant, and it supports to you new Gutenberg editor completely. The plugin gives a good option to add AdSense ads on your video site so that you can make money through your video site.

The design is completely responsive so that it works perfectly on any modern device. You also have tons of staying options so that you can adjust the design by changing its color combination and layout.

YouTube Channel Plugin  

3. WordPress Responsive Youtube Playlist Video Player

As the name suggests, this is a fully responsive video player for WordPress sites. You can completely customize the overall design of the video player to make it suitable for your need.

It is video player that makes it super simple for you to just add any of the YouTube playlist id channel id or single be divided to create your own playlist on your site.

Responsive YouTube Player for WordPress  

4. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

Another compliances video solution for your WordPress site. This video plugin will help you to create a completely responsive video playlist on your website.

You have to complete control over the design of the player. The plugin gives you a number of skins to select from and you can customize the skin according to your requirement.

You can also mix and match videos playlist to bring in variety for your audience. You can you this video player to create galleries with your original videos or hand pic videos from other sources.


5. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player is another amazing option to create a video site on the WordPress platform. This is a fully responsive video player plugin that will make sure videos work perfectly on any device.

This plugin supports most of the top video platforms like YouTube,  Vimeo, self-hosting videos (only mp4 required), Google drive videos, Dropbox videos, local videos, Amazon S3, and LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 videos.

This video player supports in video ads, so you can add pre-roll, mid-roll or end of video ads to make money with your video content.


6. Youtube Vimeo Video Player and Slider WP Plugin

Do you showcase YouTuve and Vimeo videos regularly on your site? If yes, this is a great plugin for you. You can use this plugin to showcase the top videos from these two popular video site by creating a great looking playlist.

You can create a unique playlist for YouTube and Video or you can choose to create a mix playlist from both the sites.

7. Universal Video Player

Create a video site on WordPress by showcasing the top videos from YouTube, Vimeo or your own self hosted videos in a great looking video player.

This is a fully responsive video player WordPress plugin that you can use to create your own video site and make it work perfectly on any device.

The video player gives you the option to style it according to your need, you can change the color scheme of the player and make it look better.