Do you have an online store? Do you offer any services online? Are you looking to increase the number of members subscribing to your service? Then, you must have heard of landing pages. If you haven’t, it is time to familiarize yourself with them. Read on to find out more about how to make landing pages an important part of your marketing strategy.

A landing page is intended for information and brand building. For specific campaigns, you will need specific landing pages. This is the place where you can capture a lead and convert it into profit. A landing page is a single webpage that has one special objective—to get your visitor to do something you want. Every bit of content on this page is geared to interest the visitor to take a particular course of action.

The objectives may be anything—filling in subscription forms, providing contact details, purchasing a product, introducing a friend, or reading up on further details about the company or product. You can add some kind of incentive for them, perhaps freebies.

The best landing pages are built with specific intended purposes in mind. They have structures that should be maintained with subtle differences according to the particular needs of individual websites. To make landing pages a success, the marketing team should undertake a load of off-page optimization as well. The team should be able to get traffic to the landing pages. This is critical to the success of the marketing campaign. Once a visitor reaches a landing page, the page will do the rest of the job for you.

To achieve maximum benefit, the content of the landing page should

  • convey the exact information that the visitor is searching for.
  • be completely in sync with your marketing strategy.
  • preferably be completely separated from your website.
  • preferably not contain any menu as you do not want your visitor to wander away.
  • carry content that is almost exactly the same as that used in any advertising campaign so that it will be found easily by search engines without being directed to the homepage.

Some things that a landing page should not miss out on are a catchy headline, a tagline that elaborates the headline, a really good image that captures the essence of your campaign, the benefits of your offer, and a call to action. If you are a serious marketer, you should read up further on this page on Unbounce. Moreover, landing pages can be of the click-through variety, where visitors click through one page after another till they reach the shopping cart. They can also be used to simply gather the contact details of visitors, creating sales leads that can be used later.

Now that you have an idea about what landing pages are and what they should contain, your next concern will be how to create a landing page. You can get help from service providers, or you can use plugins to create landing pages. Using plugins is a less costly affair and you have complete control over your landing page.

Here are some quality plugins that can create beautiful and effective landing pages for WordPress.

Elementor Page Builder

elementor landing page builderIf you ever browsed for a WordPress theme, there is a good chance you already noticed Elementor mentioned. It is a spectacular drag and drop builder with outstanding flexibility and extendability. Making landing pages and any other custom web design happens quickly without the need to invest too much time and effort. Indeed, there is no need to know how to code to be able to work with Elementor. The tool guarantees a codeless experience developing the much-needed landing pages.

All the layouts you will put together with Elementor will be mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and optimized for fast loading speed. What’s also cool about Elementor is the real-time editing feature. In other words, the very moment you make a change, the result appears right in front of your eyes. No need to be jumping back and forth from back-end to front-end.

WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages from Inbound Now is a free plugin that will help to create landing pages for your WordPress site. Inbound Now is an expert in online marketing, and this plugin is in keeping with their best marketing practices.

WordPress Landing Pages

Create multiple landing pages for your WordPress site. Once installed, locate the plugin’s menu in the WordPress dashboard and manage content from there. It gives you the option to connect your landing page with other apps like MailChimp and Aweber.

The plugin offers a number of pre-made templates, but they are a little basic, and you will find that you need to customize them. Customization is possible with the Visual Editor, and you can make changes and view them before saving.

With this plugin, monitor conversions as they happen and optimize for conversion on a continuous basis. Make an identical copy of a page, vary it, and run A/B split tests on the copy. See different versions to check out which one converts the best.

Forms can be partially filled so that a visitor will find it easier to complete them. It is compatible with WordPress Leads and WordPress Calls to Action. Together, these plugins will help to track visitor activity and will capture leads. It is also compatible with many third-party add-ons, free and paid. You will find that you need premium add-ons to integrate this plugin with your email marketing platform and the autoresponders, and you will have to pay on a per provider basis.

Any contact form—Gravity, Ninja, or Contact Form 7—can be used with this plugin. You can sign up for a premium account with Inbound Now, which starts at $99.99 for a single site and runs up to $249.99 for multiple sites. This gives you unlimited access to all their marketing plugins and landing page templates.

Thrive Builder and Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages is a premium plugin that is a good value for money. It is 100% conversion-optimized and looks perfect with whatever theme you use.

Thrive Landing Pages

You can choose from the 122 different templates and retain the layouts just as they are or change anything on the page any way you like. The sequence of landing pages that work well together or landing page sets are available.

Using the intuitive front-end Thrive Content Builder, you can completely overhaul any template. More importantly, you can see your own template take shape even as you drag and drop without refreshing or without switching from the editor tab to the preview tab. You will see your page just as your visitor will see it.

The plugin allows a high degree of customization, and you can edit text, images, change backgrounds, and add videos. Countdown timers with specified end dates can be set. As if this were not enough, you can use codes provided to design an entire template library of your own.

A two-step opt-in process is available. In the first, you click on a button, and this leads you to the second step where you can fill up the form. This ensures a greater conversion rate. A number of content elements, such as content boxes, styled lists, guarantee forms and many more, have been included, and you can add them as you like.

To install and activate this plugin on one site, it will cost you $67. For multiple sites, it’s $97, and for a developer to install it on a client’s website, it’s $49 per month paid annually.


OptimizePress is both a theme and plugin, as it comes in both modes. Those who are happy with their current theme should stick to it and use the plugin mode. But for those who intend to set up a marketing website, the theme may be a better option.


This plugin will help to establish, grow and convert an online audience. It does not merely help in building landing pages, but can help to secure content for subscription members, create sales or marketing pages or operate authority blog sites.

This plugin is designed for WordPress and there will be no WordPress – plugin conflict. You can choose from 30 different templates and adopt them as your own. Or you can customize it with the help of the Visual Editor. Editing can be done from the frontend and you can see the changes even as you make them. With the help of the Element Browser, you can choose from 40 different content elements and include them in your template. No coding is required at all.

This tool is developed on the principle that the appearance of your website counts for everything and that being responsive is no longer an option. The landing pages can size down instantly to hand held devices. The plugin can integrate at the API level with Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, Office Autopilot, Infusionsoft and 1Shopping Cart.

You can purchase the plugin with a one-time payment of $97 for the core package, which is for three sites that you own and operate. The publisher package for 10 sites costs $197. Lastly, the pro package for 30 sites costs $297. The purchase also entitles you to a year of free support and updates. If you are not satisfied, you can avail the 30-day money-back guarantee.


You cannot truly call Leadpages a plugin. It is more a landing page creating platform. It includes powerful features like LeadPages, Lead Boxes, Lead Digits, Lead Links, A/B Split Testing, Analytics and Template Importer.


70 pre-made templates ensure that you do not feel lost and will help you find a starting point for your project. Customizing a page is totally intuitive. Embed videos and drag and drop any content element as you like. You can hide all the elements that you do not want to use. And with Template Importer, you can import any template that you like.

LeadPages can collect leads from web pages, emails, social media and text messages. Publishing your lead pages is also quite easy. You can publish to your own server, your WordPress site or your Facebook account. You can covert existing webpages or websites into lead generating pages with the help of Lead Boxes.

Lead boxes are pop-up boxes that open up when a visitor clicks on a predetermined link or button. You can set any trigger for the pop-up. They contain forms that are integrated with your email service provider.

With Lead Digits, you can capture the emails and phone numbers of potential customers when they send a unique text to a specified number. You automatically add these details to the list that you create with your email service provider. Lead Links will help subscribers or readers opt into a list simply by clicking on appropriate buttons.

Some additional features like one click Facebook registration, pre-populating the landing page fields and sorting landing pages by conversion rate, make this plugin more attractive to purchase and use.

You can purchase LeadPages Standard package suitable for home businesses and entrepreneurs for $25 per month paid annually. The Pro Package suitable for professional websites will cost $49 per month paid annually and the Advanced Package is suitable for marketing teams and agencies at $199 per month paid annually. The plugin offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Landing Page Builder

landing page builder You do not always need to be a pro when it comes to building all sorts of landing pages. With the use of Landing Page Builder plugin, you can get the ball rolling immediately, even without coding and design knowledge. This powerful and practical software will help you create squeeze, landing and opt-in pages without breaking a single drop of sweat. No more working with the dull code and no more starting from the square one. Thanks to Landing Page Builder, you can now have it all set in close to no time.

Some of the numerous features of Landing Page Builder are drag and drop builder, visual editor, ready-to-use templates, custom-made widgets and live form builder, to name a few. This landing page plugin also integrates with many different marketing services for ease of use.

WP Lead Plus X

wp lead plus x landing page plugin Regardless of the business, you operate, you would want to build landing pages at one point. With those, you can test out different design approaches, as well as capture new leads and boost sales. With the implementation of WP Lead Plus X, you can establish as many landers as you want without ever needing to touch a single line of code. Yes, you only really need one plugin, and all the rest becomes history.

By utilizing WP Lead Plus X, you can bring into being all sorts of different styles of marketing pages to increase the visibility of your products and services, as well as to raise conversion rates.

WP Lead Plus X offers you to integrate your logo, add tracking, customize backgrounds, integrate other plugins with the use of shortcodes and spice things up with gorgeous buttons. of course, this is just a small segment of all the goodies that WP Lead Plus X promises.


wponepager landing page plugin WPOnepager is a free landing page plugin for WordPress that offers you all the necessary when building the right design for your marketing campaigns. Of course, without the need to hire a web developer and pay a hefty fee. With the use of WPOnepager, you can do it all on your own. Not just that, but the process of kicking things off to having a full-blown landing page ready to impress will take you barely any time.

Needless to say, WPOnepager works with any WordPress theme without a hitch. It also ensures that your final creation will be 100% responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. Other amenities contain Google Analytics support, drag and drop technique, full customization and plenty of available blocks. Whether you are building a landing page for an app, a seminar, a case study, a book launch or raising awareness for a cause, with WPOnepager, you can do them all and then some.

Unbounce Landing Pages

unbounce landing pages Regardless of the marketing campaign, you plan to launch, you can create the niftiest landing pages with Unbounce. This insanely easy to use tool is full of quality features to ensure building fully active custom layouts which you can effortlessly publish on your existing WordPress page. Needless to say, you can customize the web designs and make them follow your regulations and requirements precisely. Of course, Unbounce is also a fantastic plugin to create different variations of landing pages and split-test them against each other.

Some of the excellent features of Unbounce are over eighty free ready-made templates, mobile and desktop layouts, MailChimp compatibility, event tracking, and Google Analytics tagging. It will be a breeze connecting Unbounce to your WordPress website with this plugin and have your marketing funnels under total control.

Beaver Builder

beaver builder lite plugin Beaver Builder is not just a cool name for a landing page plugin; it is also a name of one of the best page builders out there. It has it all at the tip of your fingers, ready for you to employ and take to your advantage. With Beaver Builder, you can hammer out the most striking and high performing landing pages that will boost your conversion rate through the roof. Of course, there is some testing involved before you want to see the results you would like to attain with your business. However, testing, creating and launching new layout variations is super fun with Beaver Builder.

Core amenities of Beaver Builder are mobile-friendliness, full-width and column-based layouts, custom CSS classes and handy widgets and shortcodes. Beaver Builder works fluently with pages, posts and other custom layouts, giving you all the rights to create the designs that you dig. And if you would truly want to take landing page creation to an entirely new degree, Beaver Builder premium plugin is the way to go,

Landing Page Cat

landing page cat If you are on the hunt for a quick and simple solution to creating landing pages, Landing Page Cat plugin is a fine tool to consider using. With the available content, Landing Page Cat ensures that your final creations are conversion focused. After all, aren’t we building landing pages to get more leads and test different variations of existing layouts for continuous improvements? The answer is obvious.

To save you time figuring out how to start with Landing Page Cat plugin, watch the step-by-step video tutorial and get the gist of it. First, there is no need to know how to code. And second, it is way simpler than you think. Yes, that is pretty much it. Go ahead, download the landing page plugin for WordPress now and start playing around with all sorts of different features it has available.


Another top of the class plugin for landing pages is InstaBuilder. It offers 100 templates for you to choose from and allows you to customize them with the built in image editor. You can drag and drop any element into the page. Also, you can build six types of pages: sales pages, download pages, webinar pages, landing pages, launch pages, and coming soon pages.

InstaBuilder 2

InstaBuilder has a ready to use library of graphics, icons and images. If you wish, you can add your own custom images and can resize or crop them, eliminating the need for photoshop. The Coming Soon page can capture pre-launch leads until the launch date. Customizable countdown timer can add a sense of urgency.

Split testing is possible, and you can choose the best combination for your landing page by testing various versions. Advanced analytics will help you to keep track of how your landing pages are converting. Optimize the landing pages for search engines, and you can customize SEO settings or even turn them off for private messages like Thank You notes.

You can time-delay content. Display any content at any time on the page. A redirect option is available for those leaving the page without completing a sale. Use lockable content and opt-in firewalls for sharing specified content with specified subscribers. You can also lock one page, many pages, or all of them as desired.

Build a mailing list using the two-step and three-step opt-in technology. This is suitable when you want to streamline subscriptions, such as offering educational courses to qualified candidates only.

Purchase the InstaBuilder for a one-time payment of $77 for use on three sites. For unlimited number of sites, you will have to pay $97 and for a developer’s license, the cost goes up to $197. You can also take comfort from the 60-day money back guarantee that is available for this plugin.

Coming Soon Page by SeedProd

Coming Soon and Maintenance Pages are actually a kind of Landing Page. These pages collect leads while the site is under construction or maintenance or preceding a launch. Coming Soon Page by SeedProd is ideal for launching a site.

The landing page, email opt-in form, and social media links will help to create buzz around the new site. Add a countdown element, and auto-launch the website at a preset date and time.

Seed Prod

You can also show the Coming Soon Page for some webpages or for the whole site. This means it is possible to launch your website in parts, as and when they become ready.

With Seed Prod you can set use the pre-made themes or use your own. With the default theme and customization options, you can design and publish your Coming Soon page in minutes. Developers can use code to customize. The backgrounds need not be boring. You can add full screen images, slideshows, or a video background. Google Fonts and Typekit access means you can have beautiful fonts handy to build your pages. Animation effects are also available.

It integrates with major email marketing platforms, the major ones like Aweber and MailChimp included. If you want some users to bypass the Coming Soon page and gain access to webpages, you can do so by giving them a bypass link. You can also allow them to bypass using IP address or WordPress roles. Store emails in WordPress directly and export them to any service provider. Referral tracking is possible to incentivize sharing.

A free version with reduced features is available. But to take full advantage of this plugin, you will have to buy a license. The All Access License comes at $199 for use on unlimited sites and lifetime support. A Developer License costs $79 for use on unlimited sites and one year of support. A Business License at $49 will entitle you to use on five sites and a Personal License at $29 will entitle you for use on just one site. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available, too.

Ultimate Landing Page

Ultimate Landing Page is a free plugin that will help you to create landing pages and coming soon pages and to publish them in minutes. You can publish them immediately or delay their publication according to a schedule. The plugin will also help you to create sales pages, and if you wish, you can set your landing page as your homepage.

Ultimate Landing Page Plugin

The plugin includes a collection of templates, all of which are customizable. The page builder will support your imagination in designing and building the page. You will see a marked uptick in conversion rates with this plugin.

With split testing, you can be sure about which template or variant you want to publish. The integrated features include SEO metabox, MailChimp, Gravity Form, Contact Form 7, and Ninja Form. Send the leads captured on your landing page directly to MailChimp. You can also add custom forms using HTML.

This plugin is not exactly rich in features, but it loads fast and customization is easy.


To publish effective, conversion-ready landing pages real fast, Instapage is a good choice. Build a page within Instapage, and push it to your WordPress site where you can publish it as a subdirectory. Run split tests first, and find out which is the best version to publish.


The plugin contains a log that the authors can access to detect any issues with it. This feature is off by default and will be available only at your request.

Choose from 100+ templates under categories for landing pages, click-through pages, mobile apps, webinars, and thank you pages. Another advantage is the plugin’s integration with 20+ email service providers.

The plugin is responsive, and includes automated marketing, analytics and SEO friendly features.

Instapage offers a 30 day free trial. The Basic Package costs $29 per month, the Professional $55 per month and the Premium $79 per month. These rates are applicable when paid annually.

WP ProfitBuilder

WP ProfitBuilder has a huge library of premade templates for you to choose from, with many templates being added on an ongoing basis. The customizable templates are suitable for landing pages, sales, and marketing.

WP Profit Builder

The plugin optimizes the pages for mobile devices and for search engines. It provides integration with leading email providers, payment processors, membership systems, and webinar systems.

A license for personal use on one website will cost you $47, and one for use on 10 websites will cost $67. WP ProfitBuilder is available at discounted prices for unlimited use on client and personal sites at $67.67. A 60-day free trial is also available.

Decision Time

Before you rush to buy a plugin, you should check out whether the theme you are using will help you to build custom landing pages. Many themes offer this option as part of their standard features. If it serves your need sufficiently, you need look no further. Plugins provide great benefit to campaign-oriented programs and help to spike conversion rates.

Now, that we have checked out the features of a number of plugins, which is that one that you will pick? Keeping in mind that most of the features are common to all plugins with not much to distinguish between them, value for money should be the basis of your choice.

If you have any particular requirement, you may pick that plugin which best suits that requirement. If you want a free plugin WordPress Landing Pages is a good choice. To make available a load a free downloads to your subscribers, LeadPages may fit the bill. If you are launching a website, Seed Prod is the one for you. Ultimate Landing Page may be the best if you are looking for lesser number of features with faster load times. To have your products, especially digital products, displayed to advantage, may be you should look closely at Parallax Gravity. If speed combined with great looking content is what you are looking for pick Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder. Add that to the list building capability, choice of templates, scaling for mobiles, and drag and drop feature, and Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder will be my pick.

I would be glad to learn from your experience with landing page plugins, so please leave a comment below about your experience.